Werner van Blerk is an architect & interior design consultant to commercial and residential clients.

Inspired by the timeless qualities found in fine architecture & good interior design, his style can be described as 'Euro-African Fusion', with an appreciation for classical balance, as well as the sleek, linear discipline of contemporary design.

Werner creates a signature look by using natural finishes & fabrics, juxtaposed with high-tech man-made materials. He believes in design that can stand its own in most milieu; an aesthetic vision that surpasses the restrictions of time or colloquial trend.

Whether designing a commercial project, or the home of a fine-living connoisseur, he often makes a statement where demure nuance is augmented with a dash of the unexpected. Werner's design icons are digested from a diverse creative spectrum, the fusion between fashion, architecture, graphic art and interior design playing an integral part in his artistic expression.

'The Old should always be in harmony with The New' - a philosophy giving him the ability to conceive designs, often cutting edge in application, but classically centred in execution.

Werner has been featured in local and international publications. His customer profile includes domestic and international clients and he works in all the major cities in South Africa and abroad.